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Improve your customer service
while reducing costs
"Celebrating our 35th year of service"
​We provide customized live and automated after-hours telephone call handling at our Oxford headquarters.  We review the call handling process with you and create customized procedures that insure your consumers receive timely, accurate and friendly service any time of day or night for:

  • Power Outage Calls
  • Billing Inquiries
  • Automated Payment Instructions
  • Payment Verification
  • Automated Service Restored Notices
  • Crew Dispatch
  • Remote Service Restoration  
  • General Customer Calls


  • Your customers are always greeted with a friendly message and handled according to your customized script.
  • Typically, if there is a current power outage being addressed, all callers first hear, "Thank you for calling Valley Electric. We are currently addressing outages in the College Hill and Highway 41 areas. If you have further information or need other assistance, please stay on the line."
  • Callers choose a menu option to report an outage, have their power restored, or speak with an operator. 
  • ​If the caller is on the disconnect list, our system provides disconnect callers with reconnection procedures as well as their current outstanding balance and any reconnection fees.  
  • If the caller wishes to report an outage, operators collect vital outage information according to your customized procedures. 
  • Operators contact appropriate on-call personnel according to your customized procedures  
  • Callers always have the option of speaking with a live person.  
  • As power is restored during an outage, recordings are updated and customers are contacted to confirm power restoration.  

Let us show you how to save 20% or more on your after-hours customer service 

  • On a daily basis your customer and disconnect files are securely downloaded automatically, entered by website, or emailed into our system.
  • On-call personnel and contact info are periodically updated by email
  • All above information is formatted for immediate display on our computer screens as calls are answered and customers are identified by caller ID.
  • All calls are recorded and all activity is captured and reported as desired.
Fast service for customers is guaranteed! You save money because our automated call handling procedures professionally manage many of the tasks normally required of answering personnel.